Meet the Team

Behind the Screens

A network of tremendous talent, expertise and shared passion for the racing industry is what makes this business tick. Truly a team effort, not just from the employees, but a specifically-skilled network involving contractors, suppliers and clients that make it all possible for Jen to fulfill her mission. Each horse has it’s own designated team picked by Jen Campin Bloodstock (JCB) specific to the horses’ requirements and its objectives.

Here we take a look at the direct employees of JCB and find out about what makes them who they are – Behind the screens.

Meet the team

Jen Campin Bloodstock Agent


Business Manager

Jen Campin Bloodstock Agent


Marketing Manager

Jen Campin Bloodstock Agent

Jen Campin

Managing Director

Jen Campin Bloodstock Agent

Introducing JCB team member CARLA FAVILLE

Currently the longest serving employee after Jen. Carla joined JCB as Business Manager in 2014. An invaluable member of the team, Carla is a qualified Accountant with a Business Management Degree, capable and willing to answer any and all outrageous requests from JCB’s Managing Director day and night, which has led her to be known as ‘The Almighty’ or ‘Jen’s Zen’. She arrives each morning with coffee for everyone, providing another quintessential element to JCB’s continued success. 

Carla has shown unrivalled loyalty to Jen and the JCB brand, which she puts down to the trusting friendship and family environment that Jen fosters in her business. Over the years Carla has become gripped with the horse industry, which has rubbed off on her family. She has a prized G1 wine bottle waiting to be opened when Wyndspelle’s first foal is born. 

Carla Faville is the ideal right hand advisor anyone could hope for.

Jen Campin Bloodstock Agent

Introducing JCB team member KATE GALO

Kate joined late in 2019, recruited to manage JCB’s Marketing. She has been around horses her whole life in one capacity or another, and together with her marketing experience and straight-to-the-point nature, is a welcome addition to the JCB team. Kate is expecting a baby any day now, and has a very active 2 year old. Along with three step children under 10, and working as a stylist for a global non-profit organisation, she is in a very busy period of life! 

Kate has a relentless work ethic, and creative problem-solving abilities, this, with her great sense of humour, keeps everyone at JCB happy to have her around. Kate has recently relocated to Tauranga, and is enjoying being closer to the salty sea air!

Meet the Team @ Jen Campin Bloodstock

Introducing JCB team member JEN CAMPIN 

The woman behind every aspect of JCB is a karaoke-singing, art-collecting, fireball. About to hit her 10th grandchild, this Gigi prefers an Italian red over a cup of tea. Managing Director, Jen works around the clock to ensure the international bucket of New Zealand horses is being filled and finds her motivation in watching others reaping the rewards of her efforts. She explains the value she holds for the team element, especially with her close relationship with JCB Business Manager and how at times, using the phrase “What would ‘The Almighty Carla’ say?” or “Just get on with it Jen” can give her the right balance.

Jen, who arrived in New Zealand in 1986 with no horse background, with an instant love of horses is now on the verge of accomplishing her ultimate business aspiration. Her goal entails three essential steps: (1) Purchasing or breeding a yearling, (2) Nurturing it until it attains G1 status, and (3) Establishing it as a stud. Jen’s enthusiasm is evident as she eagerly shares the remarkable progress of her young horses throughout this season. Notably, the first offspring of Wyndspelle have garnered attention from renowned trainers in New Zealand and Australia. As we enter the Spring and Summer of 2023, an air of excitement permeates the atmosphere, promising a truly exhilarating journey ahead.