Introducing Frank Vosper

Frank Vosper QSM racing manager

With a lifelong passion for horses, my journey in the racing industry has been a remarkable ride. From riding my pony to school and participating in various equestrian disciplines, my love for horses has always been evident. At the age of 28, I began my career as a Steward at the Matamata Racing Club. Over the years, I progressed through the ranks and found my calling in the administration of the racing industry through voluntary committees, the backbone of New
Zealand’s thoroughbred racing.
My role as Chairman of the promotions and marketing subcommittee earned me a reputation as the “ideas man” who was never afraid to seek sponsorship opportunities. I broke new ground by proposing sponsorships that mutually benefted sponsors and the racing community, revolutonizing the industry in the process. I spearheaded initatves like Sunday racing and Twilight Racing throughout New Zealand, proving that the word “can’t” has no place in my vocabulary.

One of my innovatve ideas included paying people to attend race meetings, a concept that took off and marked the beginning of betting partnerships, promoting both TAB and enthusiastic racegoers. Additionally, I established the New Zealand Horse Magic Show at Cambridge Thoroughbred Lodge, a unique experience showcasing various horse breeds and equestrian performances.
I also ventured into real estate in the 1990s while remaining deeply engaged in racing by joining the
Bay of Plenty Racing Club committee, which later evolved into Racing Tauranga. My dedication led me to become Vice President and eventually Chairman of Racing Tauranga’s board. During my tenure, I played a pivotal role in promoting the Messara report and its recommendations, contributing to the growth and development of New Zealand’s racing landscape.
Last year, I retired from the board and became a proud shareholder in JC Ltd, owning shares in horses such as Imarichgirl and Wyndsong. In terms of the industry’s future, I advocate for fewer race tracks across New Zealand, endorsing the Strathayr track initiative at Ellerslie. I support collaborations like the joint venture with Entain and Ladbrokes and the amalgamation of clubs in the Waikato region. In an era of climate change, I believe that consistent racing surfaces, such as the Strathayr track, are crucial to providing punters with certainty and reliability.
In summary, my journey in the racing industry has been marked by innovation, dedication, and a commitment to shaping the future of New Zealand’s thoroughbred racing.I look forward to contributing my expertise to JC and enjoying the future successes for each and every one of jcracing shareholders.