Bloodstock Investment in New Zealand

Horse Racing; There’s nothing like it! The excitement and infectious smell of fresh-cut grass and the tingling sensation you get when cheering your own horse on for a win; There’s nothing like it and there’s no place better than New Zealand to invest your time and money!

“The New Zealand thoroughbred industry is one of the most successful in the world. In 2010-11, the industry produced over 4000 foals and exported 1600 horses at an estimated value of $150 million. So, what is the secret of New Zealand’s remarkable success as a thoroughbred breeding nation?

High-quality pasture, large open paddocks and a mild climate that encourage the natural development of strength, soundness and competitiveness in horses is the easy response. The deep bond between New Zealanders, the land and their horses is harder to explain. From this bond stems the vital, hidden ingredient: horsemanship.

Today, international thoroughbred owners, breeders, agents and trainers are drawn to New Zealand as a source of quality racehorses to compete for the rich prizemoney of Australia, Asia, and beyond; as a five star base for broodmares; and as a nursery for young horses destined for sales.

Investment in New Zealand’s thoroughbred industry is attractive for:

  • The high-class horses are consistently bred here in an environment rivalled by Ireland and Kentucky.
  • The industry’s strong historical, social and administrative base with very few barriers to foreign investment. There is no restriction on foreign ownership of bloodstock in New Zealand. Bloodstock can readily be exported from New Zealand to virtually any country in the world with minimal quarantine requirements.
  • By international standards, low costs of production, sales preparation and training and a well-established base of professional skills.” (Source: NZ Racing)


You would be surprised at how easy it is to become involved in the Racing Industry.


How Can You Get Involved?

Unlike many other countries in the world, New Zealand provides a platform that gives anyone the chance of owning a Racehorse. Jen Campin Bloodstock has the ability to facilitate many ownership structures to suit all budgets, enabling you to enjoy the excitement that is Horse Racing. Such structures include:

Sole Ownership

Sole ownership means that you foot all the costs but reap all the rewards. This type of ownership involves the highest level of financial commitment but can also deliver the greatest rewards.

Joint partnership is the most common form of ownership. There are many advantages to this type of ownership such as sharing costs and having compatriots to celebrate with when the horse wins a race. Partnerships are limited to groups of two to ten people. An example of initial capital required would be if a horse cost $50,000 each share would only cost $5,000. Under the rules of racing, partnerships that consist of more than four persons must appoint a nominee as the racing manager. As a seasoned racing manager, Jen Campin would then be responsible for liaising with the trainer, keeping all partners informed of their horse’s progress and ensuring bill payments are kept up to date.

The next step in the process is identifying how you wish to invest your capital.

Whether you’re interested in enjoying the spoils or just interested in your bottom line, Identifying how to invest capital and the purpose of your investment is essential. Whether your intent is to own, race and breed or solely for investment purposes, Jen Campin will work with you to select either a Yearling, Trial Winner or Race Winner to best suit your desired outcome.

With 30 years of experience, Jen Campin Bloodstock is well respected in the industry and a name you can trust. Their renowned integrated racing and advisory model is one that will provide a platform for success in the years to come.

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